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1. Who is is an trusted online fashion wholesale supplier, selling clothes, dresses, bags, shoes, jewelry, watches and other fashion products. We are legally registered as a private company in China, and have received business license from China government. Purchasing at is a safe and well-managed trade. You can learn more about at this page.


2. How is the quality of your products?

Our product quality is good relatively to many our rivals. Around 70% of our products are the same as the photos, the other 30% imitates from fashion magazines.

Our products are suitable for price-competitive, non-high-ended market. Suggested selling price see question 4 below.


3. How can I know whether your photos are 100% exact with products?

Most of photos of our product are taken by our own camerist. Only a little part of photos are from magazines, you can easily distinguish them.


4. How much is the suggested retail price (M.S.R.P.) of your products?

The retail price can increase by 50% - 300% based on our wholesale price. For example, you can purchase a fashion dress for $8.00 from us and sell it for $40.00 (300% up). We recommmend that you should not sell it under $12 (50% up).

** Retail prices differ from countries / locations / your price strategy / targeted markets. E.G. some of our clothes are retailing at:

- US$45 in Singapore and Tokyo in Japan.

- US$16 in Thailand.


5. Do you have a paper catalogue?

All of our items are shown on the website and the item stock level changes every minute. So we do not issue paper catalogue and you can see all our items online.


6. How often do you add new styles?

We update about 40-80 styles each day, except legal holidays. Our goal is to bring all the latest fashions and trends to our customers as fast as we can. That’s why our selection is so widely.


7. Are the wholesale prices displayed bundle or unit prices?

Prices displayed are single unit wholesale prices. (Part of lover suits are 2pcs. Please check descriptions of each item)


8. How is your size, do you carry special sizes?

90% of the summer clothes are in One size (free size), but as for spring/autumn/winter wears, there're S, M and L sizes. Usually there're details on sizes for each style in the items' descriptions. Free size usually means size M, but since its loose design for summer, it is also fit for person on size S and L. Also we have part of plus size items, there are sizes XL, XXL, XXXL, or even XXXXL.

To assist you in ordering the correct size, we have size chart for you. Most of our summer wears are made of some Spandex which is elastic.


9. What does free size mean? And is it possible that size in your country is smaller than size in western country?

Free size usually means M size in China, but maybe size S in western countries.


10. Sometimes I found there's not only one piece in the picture, how can I know which one you are selling?

Just check the title. If there's "two pieces" or "twinset" in the title, then we sell two pieces. Otherwise, we sell only one piece. But for lover shirt, all listing price is for two pieces.


11. Are all your products immediately available?

All items on our site are available when we upload it. But we sell more than 8000 pcs per day, so part of the items will be not in ready stock. It takes about 3 days for us to get them from our factory.


12. Is your merchandise used?

No, we do NOT sell used merchandise, all our products are fresh new.


13. How long will the out-of-stock items be restocked?

We are not sure about it, but for hot-sale styles, we’ll restock quickly.


14. Do you have your own factory?

We have our own factory, but can't manage to produce more than 10,000 styles. So we have long-term cooperative relationship with other factories too.


15. Generally how much weight is each item?

Usually gross weight of summer wear is 0.25~0.3kg per item, and 0.7~0.9kg per piece for jeans; 0.3~0.5kg per item for Spring/Autumn wear; 0.7~1.1kg for winter jacket/coat.


16. What’s T/C material?

It’s mixed material. Generally it is consist of 35% cotton and 65% polyester.


17. Can I change the items in my paid order? 

Sorry, we cannot delete or change the item in a paid order unless it is out of stock. 


18. If part of items are out of stock, what will you do?

In case of most of the products you ordered are out of stock, we will contact you to exchange or apply for a full refund. In case of some of the products you ordered are out of stock, we will send the item in stock directly and contact you to exchange the out of stock items to other items or issue a partial refund to you.


19. Is there any extra charge?

We would not charge any extra fee other than actual wholesale price and corresponding shipping fee. The order price does not include custom clearence fee. We'll try our best to help our clients avoiding custom duties, but because of the complexity of different countries’ custom duty policy, we can not guarantee your package can pass customs without tax. But in most cases, they pass without any duty.